Neoventus Design Group, LLC

Neoventus has extensive experience in the development of real-time applications, drivers, bootloaders, and diagnostics

Our software team can provide a complete solution or complement our client’s existing team to smooth peak resource loading

  • OS board support package development
  • Driver development, integration, and test
  • Bootloader porting and test (GRUB, RedBoot)
  • Diagnostics and manufacturing functional test
  • Application development

Our past experience covers the following processor families

  • ARM / XScale
  • x86 (IA)
  • PowerPC
  • TI DSP
  • MicroBlaze (Xilinx)
  • PicoBlaze (Xilinx)
  • Mico32 (Lattice)
  • Microcontrollers: ST, Atmel, Microchip, Renesas, TI