Neoventus Design Group, LLC

Neoventus engineers are adept at bridging the gap between modeled virtual systems and their real world counterparts. Development of leading edge technology to solve today’s most challenging engineering problems often requires robust modeling, simulation, and signal analysis (AM&S) for success. Through the use of synergistic third-party alliances with established research companies specializing in theoretical engineering, Neoventus can support projects demanding sophisticated AM&S expertise. Using common industry tools such as MATLAB and Simulink, complex systems are modeled, tested, and ultimately designed in a virtual environment. Neoventus uses these models to define detailed system requirements, which are then used to develop hardware and port algorithms into an embedded DSP application.


  • Complex Filter Development
  • Time / Frequency Domain Processing Optimization
  • Adaptive and Reconfigurable Control
  • Signal Analysis and Estimation