Neoventus Design Group, LLC

Many of today’s complex applications require creating real-world implementations of abstract mathematical models. At Neoventus, you will find a team of experienced engineers capable of converting a modeled algorithm into an application running on an embedded platform. We work with our customers to architect a system uniquely suited for the application considering performance and how tasks should be shared between hardware and software.

With the help of strategic third party alliances, Neoventus will develop or refine a loosely defined concept into a viable model that can then be turned into a tangible product. Neoventus engineers have extensive experience developing embedded platforms based on DSPs, general purpose processors, and FPGAs under the constraints of cost and schedule.

What we can do for you

  • System engineering
  • Develop or refine abstract models and algorithms
  • Port abstract models and algorithms into embedded software applications
  • Custom hardware development
  • Create APIs and drivers for custom hardware
  • Engage in any level of collaboration