Neoventus Design Group, LLC

Hardware Development
Neoventus Design Group is a leading supplier of design services for the electronics industry. Focusing on embedded computing within the networking and medical industries, our team can [learn more].

Neoventus provides logic design in VHDL, Verilog, and for clients upgrading legacy devices, even schematic. Our engineers have years of experience in code development as well as synthesis targeting FPGA, CPLD, and ASIC solutions. [learn more]

Firmware Development
Neoventus has extensive experience in the development of real-time applications, drivers, boot loaders, and diagnostics. Our software team can provide a complete solution or complement our client’s [learn more]

Algorithm Development
Many of today’s complex applications require creating real-world implementations of abstract mathematical models. At Neoventus, you will find a team of experienced engineers capable of [learn more]

Program Management
Best in class engineering is ineffective without proper planning, cost, and schedule control. Neoventus works with its clients to develop realistic expectations before the technical effort even begins. [learn more]