Neoventus Design Group, LLC Receives an Update

Neoventus is please to announce a major redesign of the domain.  The old site was in need of a face lift, and we’re very pleased with the new look and greatly improved information about the ‘who, what, when, why, where, and how’ of Neoventus.

We employed the services of Todd Withrow and his team at NicheLabs and are very satisfied with the final product.  Todd delivered an affordable, quality product and NicheLabs gets our recommendation for anyone interested in creating a new website or updating an existing one.

Flexible USB IO Module for Use in Oil and Gas Industries

Neoventus has completed the design of a configurable IO module for use in Ferguson Beauregard’s iSyte system. This module, based on STMicroelectronics latest family of 32-bit ARM microcontrollers – the STM32, implements a wide variety of IO types and interfaces to the iSyte controller over USB. In addition, each input point is reconfigurable via software allowing for easy module reuse as new applications or sensor / actuator types are required.

Neoventus provided all hardware and firmware design, followed by testing with Microsoft Windows® USB (HID) driver to assure the expected functionality. Neoventus structures contracts to the needs of each client – in this case we worked to transition the design to Ferguson Beauregard’s manufacturer for prototyping and production following design. As in nearly every case, full functionality was achieved on the first pass hardware.

The iSytesystem simultaneously optimizes and controls production of multiple gas wells; and does so wirelessly. The configurable wired IO provides additional facility status visibility to operators, and facilitates customer specific control algorithms.

With more than 35 years of success in plunger lift technology, tank monitoring, and automation, Ferguson Beauregard is recognized as the market-leader in delivering innovative production solutions for the oil and gas industry.

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April ‘Inventus’ now available

Neoventus attended Southeast Con 2010 in Concord NC last Month. Future engineers from universities all over the east coast competed in an exciting robotic challenge – check it out! …
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Bringing Kappametrics’ Technology to Life

A perfect example of the solutions offered by Neoventus are the services provided to Kappametrics in support of their f-EEG™ program. Kappametrics, a Unilever Ventures Company, relied on the expertise of Neoventus to develop the ultra-sensitive amplifier for the system. The f-EEG™ system brings to bear a revolutionary technology which is able to capture electroencephalography (EEG) data concurrently with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The real-time collection of physiologic EEG data during fMRI scans has far reaching implications for future brain research and clinical applications. Neoventus implemented Kappametrics’ patented techniques for noise cancelation – developing not only the hardware and firmware, but guiding the product through the difficult IEC-60601 medical safety testing and approval process. And best of all, when the work was complete, the expenditures for a product development team were too. For more information on this and other Neoventus-enabled projects

Our first edition of ‘Inventus’ now available!

Neoventus is proud to introduce our Newsletter, ‘Inventus’ (Latin for “On the Wind”). We look forward to providing many exciting articles on our industry as well as a few on whats happening within Neoventus …
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