Bringing Kappametrics’ Technology to Life

A perfect example of the solutions offered by Neoventus are the services provided to Kappametrics in support of their f-EEG™ program. Kappametrics, a Unilever Ventures Company, relied on the expertise of Neoventus to develop the ultra-sensitive amplifier for the system. The f-EEG™ system brings to bear a revolutionary technology which is able to capture electroencephalography (EEG) data concurrently with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The real-time collection of physiologic EEG data during fMRI scans has far reaching implications for future brain research and clinical applications. Neoventus implemented Kappametrics’ patented techniques for noise cancelation – developing not only the hardware and firmware, but guiding the product through the difficult IEC-60601 medical safety testing and approval process. And best of all, when the work was complete, the expenditures for a product development team were too. For more information on this and other Neoventus-enabled projects

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