Neoventus Design Group, LLC

The Company

MicroAire Surgical Instruments is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic power surgical instruments, and replacement burs and blades.  MicroAire offers a complete line of orthopedic power instruments for surgical specialties in large bone surgery, small bone surgery, sports medicine, plastic surgery, hand surgery and veterinary surgery. MicroAire also offers specialized instruments such as the power-assisted lipoplasty and carpal tunnel release systems.

The Need

The MicroAire product development team is continuously engaged in efforts to improve their products and adapt to the demands of an ever changing operating room environment.  Before entering the design phase of a new product development effort, MicroAire engineers will conduct trade-off studies to investigate the robustness of various techniques under consideration to solve a particular problem.  Occasionally, additional recourses are needed to meet schedule constraints.

Our Role

MicroAire has enlisted Neoventus to help investigate the feasibility of several techniques considered to improve the robustness of a variable speed drill actuator.  Neoventus developed a test plan, created a test platform, built necessary prototypes, and conducted tests in its lab.  The results of the tests were presented in a formal report, which included recommendations for improved performance and suggestions for alternative methods.  Our involvement freed MicroAire’s internal resources to focus on system level issues and program management.