The Need

Today, there is significant demand for the benefits of combining the spatial resolution of fMRI and the temporal resolution of EEG for human brain imaging in both academic and clinical research. With more than 10 million Americans being diagnosed with some form of neurological illness each year, medical technologies aimed at improving the understanding of neurological disease for improved diagnosis will become an important factor in treating this growing patient population.

The Solution

Kappametrics has developed a revolutionary technology which is able to capture electroencephalography (EEG) data concurrently with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Kappametrics’ flagship product, called f-EEG, employs patent pending noise cancellation techniques to eliminate the large radio frequency, electrostatic and magnetic noise produced by the fMRI scanner and enables the real-time collection of physiologic EEG data during fMRI scans.

Our Role

Kappametrics enlisted Neoventus’ services during the basic research phase of development. Our team worked with the physiological researchers to define the requirements for the electronics, firmware, and PC-based client. These requirements were then transitioned into the development phase with Neoventus providing …

  • Complete requirement definition per FDA and Medical Safety directives (e.g. IEC60601-1)
  • Detailed system specifications
  • Hardware design and prototyping
  • Firmware design and coding
  • Mathematic algorithm development

(optimization and Independent Component Analysis)

  • Full documentation

Neoventus continues to support Kappametrics as the f-EEG system begins evaluation by the research community and ultimately FDA approval.