GE Intelligent Platforms

The Company

GE Intelligent Platforms, a division of GE Energy, is located in Charlottesville, Virginia. GE Intelligent Platforms provides custom products such as, PLCs, PACs, motion control, and user interfaces(HMI/SCADA). GE Intelligent Platforms’ solutions can be found in many assembly-style factories around the world.

The Need

GE Intelligent Platforms has a well-established engineering team but periodically has an influx of product development requiring additional resources. Most recently Neoventus was approached to provide a solution for an integrated user interface on a new control solution.

Neoventus was pleased to work with GE Intelligent Platforms on its recently released PACSystem™ RXi Controller. The RXi family is an advanced, high-performance, small footprint control and computing platform for use in many markets, including energy, water, consumer packaged goods, oil and gas, and telecommunications.

The RXi Controller, while being a realtime system, is modular and allows the addition of a traditional non-realtime (Windows® or Linux) compute platform as well as an integrated 5” intelligent user interface through a unique stacking mechanism.

Our Role

Neoventus worked closely with GE Intelligent Platforms’ internal team to develop a cost-effective solution. Combining the latest TI ARM Cortex-A8, a 5″ touch screen, along with Android, provided a well recognized base for GUI applications while not adding to the load of the real-time processor on the RXi.

Neoventus worked with GE’s engineers to define the over-all requirements, interfaces, and inter-processor protocol. In addition to designing the PCB, porting Android®, and designing and coding the supervisory microcontroller (TI MSP430), Neoventus provided turn-key prototypes for test and integration prior to transition into GE’s production facility.

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