Blue Ridge Networks

The Company

Blue Ridge Networks is a respected and leading provider of unparalleled security solutions for government and private industry. The company’s products have a proven ability to exploit the advantages of the internet and are relied upon by hundreds of large enterprises. Blue Ridge solutions represent high standards of security strength as tested and certified by independent organizations. The company’s products have earned: FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), ARMY TIC, and Department of Defense SPOCK certifications. Additionally, they comply with important HIPAA, HSPD-12, and PCI regulations.

The Need

The BorderGuardĀ® Secure Communications Platform has been deployed around the world in support of the most demanding secure communications applications without a single security breach. In addition to iron-clad security, BorderGuards are known for their reliability – enhanced by total path redundancy and automatic failover for complete peace of mind.

Through the use of encrypted sessions, or “tunnels”, network traffic is secured while still using the unsecure infrastructure of the internet. While Blue Ridge Networks has a broad offering of price / performance levels to cover the large majority of the market, a very high end solution (supporting up to 24,000 concurrent tunnels) is required for a small market segment needing high port density.

Our Role

Blue Ridge Networks enlisted Neoventus to create a rapid prototype starting with their existing base of BorderGuard hardware. Neoventus’ founders, having designed the existing BorderGuard 5000, 6000, and RemoteLink hardware platforms, created a code compatible, modular, rack-based system in less than six weeks which entailed …

  • System requirements definition
  • Technical specification / approach
  • Electrical design and implementation
  • Mechanical design and management
  • Vendor / project management including laser cut chassis fabrication
  • Product testing and acceptance support